With a broad base of experienced multi-skilled employees, our civil maintenance team specialises in the planning and delivery of maintenance works.

With a strong focus on getting works done safely and efficiently, the team responds to emergency faults 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to rectify issues across the region in all conditions.

Heavily focused on providing a memorable customer experience, our team are professionally trained and have vast experience including:


Experience and service

Asset inspection and maintenance

  • Air scour cleaning of water mains
  • Preventative maintenance of sewer mains
  • Maintenance of water and sewer fittings
  • Flushing of water mains
  • Asset inspections and replacements
  • CCTV investigation works

Civil works

  • Repairs to water and sewer systems
  • Water and sewer main installation and connections
  • Rectification of water and sewer faults
  • High pressure drain cleaning (jetting)
  • Earthworks
  • Asbestos removal (pipe fittings)
  • Hydro-excavation
  • Disinfection of water assets